Today is the first day of Spring! You know what that means: it’s time to build a nest. Presently, people around the world are nesting, or staying close to home, because of the COVID-19 virus. To pass the time during their self-quarantine, my friends are spring cleaning, baking bread, and homeschooling children. In case you would like a book to read to your little ones during this nesting period, SPRING! TIME TO BUILD A NEST, A STORY ABOUT TRUMPETER SWANS is a free kindle download on Amazon through Sunday, March 22.

Birds are unaware of the pandemic that surrounds us, and they are going about business as usual, finding mates and building nests. In my research and during my long walks in nature, I have discovered a variety of nest building techniques.

The Mourning Doves in our yard scavenger for small twigs, leaves, grass stems, and just about anything to construct their nests. They attempt to form their nests in the most interesting places: between the tiles on our roof, on palm fronds, even on top of security lights. It’s a wonder their little eggs have any support at all. Here’s a picture of one of their abandoned abodes.

On the flip side, here is a photo of a perfectly constructed Robin’s nest in an arborvitae bush.

I visited Florida the first weekend of March. While strolling through Gatorland U.S.A., I watched Egrets build their nests. The top photo shows an Egret condo colony. The male builds the nest platform from long sticks and twigs before pairing up with a female. While preparing the nests, the males fan long plumes from their backs. (Just like a macho male to show off for the females.) I captured this marvel of nature in the bottom photo.

While in Florida, we visited the Kennedy Space Center. If you haven’t been, I highly recommend it. On the tour to see the launch pads, the bus driver pointed out a 50-year old Bald Eagle nest measuring 7 feet in diameter. Unfortunately, the 80-year old pine tree has died, even though the active nest remains.

As you can tell, I have a fascination with birds and nests. Be sure to download a free kindle copy from Amazon of my book, SPRING! TIME TO BUILD A NEST, A STORY ABOUT TRUMPETER SWANS from March 20-22, 2020.

a concept picture book staring swans

You can also purchase this book for a special price of $10, March 20-22, 2020. Mention in the comments that you read my blog, and I’ll adjust the price.

What are your favorite nesting birds? I’d love to read your comments and see pictures.