Lonnie speaks just like my 4 and 5 year old grandsons talk. They are always asking questions. They love these books.

Connie, Grandmother of 4 young boys

The illustrations are beautiful.

eslie, St. Mary’s Hospital Gift Shop

I’m glad to see that the story isn’t real long. It’s perfect for ages 3-6.

Librarian at Detroit Lakes Public Library

Barbara and I served together on the Arizona Business Education Association (ABEA) Executive Board for several years. During that time she was instrumental in overhauling the ABEA website, which has resulted in an excellent resource for business educators. Barbara has also written articles for the ABEA Journal, the ABEA Newsletter, and the Western Business Education Association newsletter, the WBEA News Exchange. I’ve enjoyed working with Barbara – she is a pleasure to interact with and her writing is very clear and concise.

Brent Sebold, Ed.D.
Senior Venture Manager,
ASU Venture Catalyst at SkySong
ABEA Journal Editor

I have known Barbara for over 15 years as we taught business courses at a high school in Phoenix, Arizona. She brought to the classroom an excellent command of the English language and was able to incorporate that skill to her teaching as she instructed her students how to write a proper business letter. During Barbara’s job search unit, she would diligently work with students individually to ensure they produced the perfect resume. In addition, teachers would ask for her editing skills when they needed to write correspondence to administrators, other teachers, and parents.

William Palmer
Business Teacher
ABEA Past President

Barbara Renner is a superb editor and writer. We have worked together for many years as coauthors on articles, journal section editors, and conference presentation colleagues. As a copy editor, Barbara’s contribution to the material makes it better. Since Barbara has helped me, I know how good her work is.

Carol Yacht, Author