Guest Author

Barbara has taught everything from Bible study to 4 year olds, to accounting to adults. Her expertise is in English, grammar, writing, and speech.

Barbara loves to visit preschools and elementary schools to read her books and present a lesson. In addition to being entertaining and interactive, the books contain interesting facts about the animals. Barbara does not charge a fee for a classroom visit; however, she will bring an order form in case the teacher or any of the students wants to purchase books at a discounted price.


a concept picture book staring swans

Explore the lake with Pen and Cob as they search for the perfect nest.

  • Facts about Trumpeter Swans
  • Facts about vegetation and animals in lakes and ponds

Discover how Quincy makes a new friend.

  • Facts about the Gambel’s Quail
  • Flora and fauna in the Sonoran Desert, friendship, and cooperation

Travel through the desert with Quincy as he and his family hunt for food.

  • Facts about the Gambel’s Quail and the Great Horned Owl
  • Flora and fauna in the Sonoran Desert, leadership, and cooperation

Explore a new neighborhood as the quail family encounter a bullying hummingbird.

  • Facts about the Gambel’s Quail and the Red-throated Hummingbird
  • Bullying, bravery, and friendship

Travel with Lonnie around the lake as he searches for his home.

  • Facts about the Common Loon
  • Life on a lake, animals who live near lakes, predators, and family security

Swoop and glide with Lonnie as he imitates clouds.

  • Facts about the Common Loon
  • Curiosity, communicating with others, growing up, and exploration

Listen to Lonnie as he learns to call.

  • Facts about the Common Loon, sounds of the Common Loon
  • Reasons for the Loon calls, respecting parents, and family

Meet Lonnie’s new friend in the desert.

  • Geography – Minnesota and Arizona
  • Migratory patterns, friendship, adventure, and sounds of desert animals


  • Check for prior knowledge
  • Read aloud one or all of the picture books
  • Ask questions about the story
  • Review facts learned in books
  • Answer students’ questions
  • Assist with coloring pages and/or craft