Guest Author

Barbara has taught everything from Bible study to 4 year olds, to accounting to adults. Her expertise is in English, grammar, writing, and speech.

Barbara loves to visit preschools and elementary schools to read her books and present a lesson. In addition to being entertaining and interactive, the books contain interesting facts about loons and quail. Barbara does not charge a fee for a classroom visit; however, she will bring an order form in case the teacher or any of the students wants to purchase books at a discounted price.

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Lessons Learned

Travel through the desert with Quincy as he and his family hunt for food.

  Facts and Sounds of the Gambel’s Quail and the Great Horned Owl

  Flora and Fauna in the Sonoran Desert, leadership and cooperation


Explore a new neighborhood as the quail family encounter a bullying hummingbird.

Facts and sounds of the Gambel’s Quail and the Red-throated Hummingbird

Bullying, bravery and friendship


Travel with Lonnie around the lake as he searches for his home.

Facts About the Common Loon

Life on a lake, animals who live near lakes, predators and family security


Swoop and glide with Lonnie as he imitates clouds.

Facts about the Common Loon

Curiosity, communicating with others, growing up and exploration


Listen to Lonnie as he learns to call.

Facts about the Common Loon, sounds of the Common Loon

Reasons for the Loon calls, respecting parents, and family


Meet Lonnie’s new friend in the desert.

Geography – Minnesota and Arizona

Migratory patterns, friendship, adventure, and sounds of desert animals



  • Check for prior knowledge
  • Read aloud one or all of the picture books
  • Ask questions about the story
  • Review facts learned in books
  • Answer students’ questions
  • Assist with coloring pages and/or craft

Students love to squeeze the Audubon plush birds to hear their calls.